E-learning is the combination of information and communication techniques. E-learning can be done through the computer, internet, smartphones and others. It improves the teaching as well as learning activities and makes learning different subjects easier and effective. However, e-learning is a term that includes the field of web-based training, online learning, etc. As internet technology […]


World Teachers’ Day

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World Teachers’ Day is a special day to show gratitude to the immeasurable contribution of the teachers in our society. We learn letters, words from our parents, but we learn the right use of the letters and words from our teachers. They stand by us, instill moral values, boost our confidence, allow us to set […]


Dark matter and Dark energy

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Dark energy and dark matter, what it is? We call it dark because we can’t see it, like at all. Reality is we don’t know what it is, no idea where it came from and yet it makes up 96 percent of matter in the universe. Yes 96 percent of the stuff of the universe […]


Why can we see through glass?

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Can you see through glass? All say yes. What makes you see through glass? Nine out of ten people says because it is transparent. Yes it is. Glass was the ultimate in see-through. Indeed with the exception of water and a few natural materials, it’s still one of the only transparent materials there is. From […]


The International Day of Peace, World Peace Day

September 21, 2016

The International Day of Peace is also known as World Peace Day and this day is celebrated on 21st September every year. This day is noticeably observed worldwide for peace, a period or a state without any violence or war. However, this day was celebrated in 1982 for the first time and later, it was […]

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How do you Froth Milk?

September 15, 2016

You can froth milk by heating it in a pan over medium heat and beating it with a whisk until hot but not boiling. To generate the high pressure needed to produce “micro foam” – a creamy, velvety-smooth froth composed of only the tiniest, most imperceptible micro bubbles – for that a powerful lever operated […]

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Some Eye-Catching Facts about Octopus

August 30, 2016

Octopus, an interesting sea creature that comes under the kingdom of Animalia carries some noteworthy characteristics. The scientific name of this creature is Octopoda and it has 3 – 5 year lifespan. However, almost 300 recognized octopus species are available and this living entity is usually venomous, especially the blue ringed octopuses are deadly to […]

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Chemistry In The Current Industry

August 29, 2016

Electricity can have a strong effect on chemical systems. For many years it was not suspected that any connection existed between chemistry and electricity; though some of the meteorological phenomena, especially the production of clouds and the formation of rain which are obviously connected with chemistry seem likewise to claim some connection with electricity. The […]

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Chemistry of Water

August 25, 2016

Water is by far the most common liquid on the Earth’s surface, and its unique properties enable life to exist. For chemists, water is a small, simple looking and common molecule H2O but they also know it has many unusual and even unique properties. Scientist in many other disciplines have their own viewpoints about water […]

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Chemistry Laboratory Safety Rules -TutorVista Blog

August 21, 2016

A summary of rules everybody should be aware in chemistry lab. Dress appropriately for the lab – wear safety goggles and a lab apron or coat. Tie back long hair. Know what safety equipment is available and how to use it – This includes the eyewash fountain, fire blanket, fire extinguisher and emergency shower. Know […]

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