More of Vedic math

Let us do some verification of calculations and especially multiplications (product of two numbers)

The correctness of any arithmetic operation can be verified by carrying out the same operation on the navasesh of numbers in the operation.

Now what is navasesh?

Navasesh of a number is “the remainder obtained when the number is divided by 9″

We can make use of navasesh to check the result of operations like multiplication, and subtraction on two or more numbers.

Example: Let us make an verification of the product of 44 x 56

The product of 44 and 56 is 2464

Now to verify the correctness of the answer ‘2464’

Let us take the ‘N’ of each of the multiplicands and the product as well and see the relation between the same.

‘N’ (navasesh) of 44 = 8 (navasesh of the first number)

‘N’ (navasesh) of 56 = 2 (navasesh of the second number)

‘N’ (navasesh) of 2464 = 7 (navasesh of the product)

Now by considering the product of the ‘N’ of the 2 multiplicands N (44) x N (56) = 8 x 2 = 16

Now the navasesh of 16 is 7 which match the navasesh that we have for the product.

Example 2

Let us take one more example of product between 34.7 and 2.81 (34.7 x 2.81)

The product of the numbers 97.507

While doing the verification we have to ignore the decimals and so the navasesh of the two numbers are as follows:

‘N’ navasesh of 347 = 5

‘N’ navasesh of 281 = 2

‘N’ navasesh of 97507 = 1

Now considering the navasesh of multiplicands and product, we get

N (347) x N (281) = 5 x 2 = 10

Now the navasesh of 10 is 1 which matches exactly with the navasesh of product.

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