Vedic formulas

The Vedic mathematics from Vedas is an science of calculating faster when there were no calculators and computers and were once used by our ancient scholars to make mathematical calculations faster .

These are one line formulas or what we know it as sutras which not only enrich the computational skills but also provide a new method of dealing mathematical problem of arithmetic and algebra.

The Vedic mathematics sutras or formulas are divided in two main categories.

(a) Vedic sutras that makes arithmetic easy

(b) Vedic sutras that makes algebra easy

Vedic sutras for arithmetic calculations:

These sutras or formulas make arithmetic calculations like multiplications, divisions, squares very rapid.

Ø Yavadunam : whatever the extent of the deficiency

Ø Paravartya yojavet: Transpose and adjust

Ø Vyasti-samasti: Individuality and adjust

Ø Ekanyunena purvena: one less than the previous one

Ø Antyayordasake’pi: when final digits add up to ten

Ø Guna kasa-muccaya samu-ccaya gunaka: total expression equal to total in the product

Example: To find the complement of 28759 (to the working base 100000)

Solution: Subtract 2 from 9 = 7; 8 from 9 = 1; 7 from 9 = 2; 5 from 9 = 4; 9 from 10=1

The complement thus obtained is 71241

When two numbers end with zero(s) then sutra considers last digit as non- zero and final zero(s) are placed at the end.

Example: Multiply 102 by 95

Solution: Here the working base is 100

Step I: write the numbers and their deficits in respect to 100


Step II: Right part calculations: base + product of deficit

100 + [(-2) x 5] = 100 -10=90

Left part calculations: cross subtraction – 1

[102 – 5] -1 = 97-1=96

So the number is 9690

Another example

Multiply 1112 with 998

Here the working base should be taken as 1000

Step I: write the deficits of the number with respect to 1000


Step II: right part: 1000 + (-112 x 2) = 1000-224 = 776

Left part: (1112-2)-1=1109

So the product would be 1109/776 or 1109776

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