Happy Friendship Day

Be the Friend You Would Like to Have

Is there anyone in this world without friends?

Almost every person knows that friends can touch lives in one way or another plus this effect is far stronger than one can imagine. Friends don’t just influence your decisions but they can change your perception and can alter your view of the world. Good friends can help you celebrate good times and provide support during low times. Researchers have discovered that when it comes to resisting temptations — like eating chocolates —friends are more likely to become partners in crime as they decide to indulge together.
Friendship Day was initially created by the founder of Hallmark cards, Joyce Hall, in 1930. In 1935, the U.S. Congress stated the first Sunday in August a holiday to honour friendship since then it became an annual event. The United Nations named Winnie the Pooh – the famous cartoon character – the world’s Ambassador of Friendship in 1997. The exchange of Friendship Day gifts like cards, flowers and wrist bands is a tradition of this occasion. On this day people spend time with their friends and remember all the good times spent together.
Pyjamas, no makeup, messy buns, drooling face or running nose, they just don’t care about anything! Our friends still decided to stick by having seen us in the ugliest appearances and situations of life. Friends are the secret reservoirs. We all have those little code words only our friends know of for the people we hate. The pranks about the annoying teacher, or pull one’s leg, the over-dramatic girl or uncivilized guy in the neighbourhood – those are memories that can brighten up our sad day. We may doubt our decisions and skills, but our friends will never do so. Friends have a huge influence in making us who we are as individuals. They are our round-the-clock companion in a stranger’s parties and are always present by our sides.
Despite being honest and serious, our friends have made us break indescribable rules that are etched in our hearts as most remarkable memories. In times of concern, friends have always stayed with us and shared the duties with fun. They have strange powers of turning every sad moment into an entertaining and memorable one. They neither preach nor judge, rather pretend to understand and listen to the craziness we speak. Friends understand us so well that they have the instinct to guess and picture situations and bring the truth in front of us. In spite of knowing our weaknesses, flaws, dark past, ugly truths and insecurities they still choose to be there for us. It may be 3 am in the night; friends are always ready to help.
Besides, friends all the time evoke us to attempt things we can never imagine doing. Most of them might not be positive, but surely an adventure can be promised. The memories of those moments are the aspects that make life interesting and cheerful. Without friends, our existence would become unbelievably boring. Given a chance, we should highly value our friends for their time, love, care and friendship. So let’s go tell our friends how much we love them!
Find a way to celebrate your friendships in honour of Friendship Day. Send texts, email, send a card, take a walk together, go for lunch, instant message, or give a call. For a change plant a sapling with a friend, distribute gifts and chocolates to underprivileged children or visit a child care centre. Visiting an old age home or spending time with recuperating cancer patients spreading hope and love in the lives of those who need it the most. Friendship is not only about buying expensive gifts it can be a fulfilling occasion by just being there with those who need our presence and care. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, but doing it is important.

Happy Friendship Day, Dear Friend!

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